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Latest Update

Congratulations to Noelle and the Pride of Kentucky Barbershop chorus for coming in 3rd place at Internationals!

Site Last updated: 2007-October-08


Update 2007-09-21

I've got more pictures of Rachel up. Check them out!

Update 2007-09-21

Wednesday, Noelle and Jeff found out that our baby was going to be born on Thursday. So we packed our bags and took off to Indiana. We got as far as Martinsville and rested at Wayne Rasmussen's brother's house. The next morning we woke up early and found it wasn't going to be Thursday. Then we found it was and went to South Bend at about 8:30.

After we arrived at St. Joseph's Hospital, we found out that there was no room and would have to wait until tomorrow. We finally met Anna and her mother. We spent the entire day getting to know each other. This has been a blessing. Anna is much more comfortable about the adoption and Noelle and Jeff being the parents.

Today, the baby was turned. This process was very fast and easy. The baby and birth mother were fine.

Check out the new section for our baby Rachel. It's over there on the left. The only thing updated is the Journal section. Unfortunately, there isn't much to include as we have no pictures and Rachel can't do anything... except be born. Jeff has written the Journal part sort of in Rachel's voice

Update 2007-04-20

Well, it seems I will have a much easier time accessing and updating this site. So, updates will probably be more forthcoming.

I've added some more pictures to the site: Noelle's garden and the pictures we got of Thunder Over Louisville.

We've also uploaded a cool video of Scout (our puppy) doing some cool tricks. Check it out on YouTube .

Update 2006-12-29

Well, it seems a lot has gone on for me very recently, but I've not updated this site in a very long time (since 2004). Anyway, I've graduated from UofL Speed School in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I am working at QSR Automations as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst.

Well, my main reason for the new post is because I, with a bunch of the guys from the old Crestwood Ward (before it was a Crestwood II Branch) got together for a game of basketball this morning. Tony wore his shorts from those high school days and Rich found a box of the old jersey's in one of the church closets. Here are the pictures!


Jeff and Noelle recently participated in the Louisville Stake Roadshow. Noelle played backstage hand and Jeff manned the spotlight. Jeff mentioned that he rather likes doing certain technical stuff for the people. Particularly, last year when he got to be a cameraman for the Stake Conference.

Anyway, the reason for the latest update is that I have pictures of the practice up. They aren't great quality, but I hope you enjoy them. I did do quite a bit of touch on many of the pictures.

Click Here to see the pictures.

We've also added our wedding day pictures. See them here.




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